Sunday, April 4, 2010

9 Ways To Promote Your Empowerism Website

There are of course many more things you can do to build your online business. But if you do any of the following 6 promotions each day of the week you'll start seeing good results fast (Yep, you get Sunday's offSmile. Even if you only have 30 minutes a day to dedicate to your online business you can easily follow this promotion plan.

1.Post FREE ads
Time: 10-30 minutes

Start here:
Post free ads in local newspapers

2.Participate in Forums
--------------------- Time: 20 minutes

3.Start or Update A Blog
---------------------- Time: 5-20 minutes
If you don't have a blog register one here:

4.Write an article and submit it to an article directory
Time:20-60 minutes
Start by reading the excellent ebook on article marketing "Harnessing The Power Of Article Marketing". You can download it from your Empowerism member center.
Submit each article to these places:

5.Add a new message to your Autoresponder
Time: 30-45 minutes
The more messages you have in your autoresponder the better. It's really that simple. As long as someone is on your list you should stay in touch and there's no easier way than to automate this through your autoresponder. Either provide more content, add a promotion message, a link to your blog, as long as it's relevant to your prospects it's good.

6.Find more keywords
Time:30 minutes
Keyword research. It's so important yet so overlooked.
Start your research here:
Now digg a little deeper and check on trends by using Google Insight:

What you're looking for are search words or phrases with more than 200 searches a month and little competition. To check if a keyword has little competition Google this: allintitle:keyword

7. Get A Few Backlinks
Time:10-30 minutes
Use the Backlink Builder tool in your Member Center (SEO Tools)
Search for blogs on your topic and leave comments (search: "topic" blogs)
Participate in forums and leave links back to your blog or website
Submit your blog or site to free directories and Social Bookmarking sites.

8. Whenever you need some guidance or motivation use the training and success mentoring available in your Empowerism Training Center, in Excellence Magazine, and of course don't hesitate drop by here at the Empowerboard.

9. Join the Empowerism Web Success Team and Get 6 Free Members in Your Downline