Friday, April 5, 2013

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Empower Network Compensation Plan and 25 Bonuses to Join the EmpowerNetwork Web Success Team

A Review of the GREATEST Empower Network Compensation Plan EVER..

Are you tired of hearing the back and forth banter among MLM compensation plans?

My compensation plan pays 5% down 5 levels.

Oh ya! Well my compensation plan pays 3% on the 7th level.

So what — my compensation plan has a matching bonus!

I wonder if people in MLM companies realize that in order to fully maximize their compensation plan of 45% payout that they would have to completely fill up their 5×7 matrix with thousands and thousand of people.

Lets put all those compensation plan arguments to rest once and for all because…

The Empower Network Compensation Plan PAYS OUT 100% COMMISSIONS DOWN INFINITE LEVELS…

Case Closed, Game Over, EVERYONE In Empower Network Now WINS!
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Empower Network Compensation Plan Commission

The Empower Network Compensation Plan is a affiliate compensation model with a twist and 100% commissions payout plan that is turning this industry on its head.

Here’s How The Empower Network Compensation Plan Works:

With the Empower Network Compensation Plan affiliate program you can personally signup 10 people, 100 people, 1,000 people or as many people as you can directly under you; if you know what your doing online. Imagine Earning 100% Commissions on Hundreds of Subscribers.

If you’re new to internet marketing those numbers may seem out of reach so lets take a more conservative example.

Lets say you only EVER signup one person on your Level 1 (L1). Since you receive 100% commission you’re now earning $25 every month. Therefore your $25 monthly service fee is covered and your membership is basically FREE!

Here Comes The Twist:

Now lets say your one person only signs up two people, EVER. With the Empower Network compensation plan that second person on your Level 2 (L2) their $25 gets passed up to you. So now your earning $50 every month in residual income.

Empower Network Compensation Plan Explained

That second person on your 2nd level becomes part of whats called your Power Leg. This basically means follow this 2nd persons downline to infinity and for every second person on each level their $25 service fee gets passed up to YOU. For example you would now be earning $125 EVERY month with the following scenario:

Empower Network Compensation Plan
Are you beginning to see how fast and easy it is to start earning some real income for a change with only a very few people in your entire downline!
DISCLAIMER: The examples mentioned are for explanation purposes only and for a better understanding of how the compensation plan works. The scenarios are not typical and not a guarantee of your results. Some people may never make any money. Your income is based solely on your own personal efforts.
Lets run some numbers and do the math:

So the 1 person you signed up signs up only 2 people. That 2nd person only signs up 2 people and everyone below that 2nd person only signs up 2 people.

Now at some point in time your organization has grown to 2,001 people down 1,001 levels. One person on level 1 and two people on each level down 1,000 levels deep. That’s 1,000 people in your power leg.

So how much money would you make in a typical mlm with a 5×7 matrix?

Well you would have only 13 people in those 7 levels and with the average mlm company payout of $1 per person you have made yourself a whopping $13 income. GREAT JOB! (making the MLM corporate owners rich that is).

Did you know the average MLM representative only signs up 2 people (this is statistical fact accumulated over many years).

With the Empower Network compensation plan you get paid down to infinity on your power leg…

You’ll be earning $25,000.00 every month in residual income from signing up only 1 person.

So if you feel happy earning $13 that’s your business…

If You Want To Earn $25,000.00 Per Month in Residual Income that’s our business!

Get Access To The Video That’s Changing Lives

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Empower Network Compensation Plan Simplified

With every person you sign up their 2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th and every 5th person after passes up to you creating additional infinity Power Legs.

Lets say for example you sign up a “super star” named Will. Will signs up 11 people for starters. Therefore his 2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th persons $25 gets passed up to you. So you would now be earning a total of $125 per month in residual income.
Empower Network Compensation PlanEmpower Network Compensation Plan

Remember that each of those 4 Power Legs has the potential of growing infinite levels deep or like the previous scenario where one Power Leg grew to $25,000 in monthly income. Now with 4 Power Legs growing over time could potentially pay you a cool $100,000 per month in passive residual income. All from ONLY EVER sponsoring one person!

Now get busy online and find 9 more people like Will and generate a $1,000,000 PER MONTH IN PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME!


The Empower Network Compensation Plan truly is the GREATEST Compensation Plan EVER..

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Two Men Expose A ‘Commission Loophole'That Deposits Money Into Your Bank Account Instantly ‘Leaked’ video reveals :

We've built our entire marketing system around a 'plug and play' process that members can use to generate 100% commissions into their bank account, instantly. Essentially, our members main responsibility is to implement the simple training we teach them in the core checklist training section in our state of the art members area. We take care of the lead and sales conversions, training and education part of your business so you don't have to.

Our members get a cutting edge business and marketing education and can leverage our compelling and proven sales process to earn a life changing income.

We've solved every problem marketers and online entrepreneurs face. We've put the pieces in place for our members to leverage our marketing, sales and influence skills to grow their business ...and their income.
Essentially, you can make 'guru' money ...without being a 'guru'.

Our members can access their leads and team data, and use Empower Network as a vehicle to build whatever business they want on the back end. Empower Network is the perfect affiliate markeitng system to grow a network marketing or online business, fast, and will allow you to quickly and efficiently learn the skills you need, minus the fluff ...and earn large 100% commissions to fund your lifestyle or business ventures.

Click to access the insider video that reveals the ‘commission loophole’ that deposits 100% commissions into your bank account daily, hourly …even by the minute.

After 13 years in business, Empowerism is closing the doors at the end of 2011.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: After 13 years in business, Empowerism is closing the doors at the end of 2011. By its very nature, the company is only sustained by members selling subscriptions. Over the last two years, subscription sales have all but stopped. It was our expectation that those who were anticipating faster payouts from RSVP and MVP would work toward selling subscriptions, which would mean larger, faster payouts. But that has not come to fruition. In fact, those waiting on RSVP & MVP to pay out have been doing just that: waiting.

Unfortunately, the company has been losing money every month for the last year, even after cutting expenses to the bone. Supplementing it with personal funds each month to keep it afloat and pay commissions is no longer an option. No credit cards or bank accounts have been charged since October and we will not process any charges in December, even though I marked your subscription and RSVP/MVP renewal as paid if you were on auto-renewal - and paid commissions on those renewals. I will continue to honor commission requests through December, although some checks may run late since it's all coming from personal funds as there has been no income for 2 months.
Please note that AlertPay is no longer an option for payment, as they are having problems and there's no way to fund the account. I know this is disappointing news to several of you - believe me, it breaks my heart to have to do this. But when there are no sales, there is no income and no way to sustain a business or even a website. I wish bright, joyful futures for you all.
~ Janet

Thursday, July 7, 2011

RetireOnThis: We Will Pay Your Way In

RetireOnThis MatrixBusters Pay-It-Forward Method

I'm sorry Dorothy there AIN'T no Wizard of Oz
....and there AIN'T No Tin Man!!!

You can't click your "Ruby Red Slippers" 3 times
and wish for anything.

You can't expect to get anything by WISHING
for it whether it be a New Car or a Boat or
Wishing you were Home....

...and you certainly can't expect to get a
DownLine by "WISHING" for it to happen.

You CAN put on your Heavy Duty Work Gloves
and WORK to build a DownLine with a group of
Leaders that are SUC*CESSFULLY doing EXACTLY That!

How about YOU Net-Marketeer!! Are you ready to
use the same System the Pro's use SUC*CESSFULLY
Everytime? Are you willing to LEARN while you
practice using this same System?

Then Welcome Home, pardner!!

Here it is:
RetireOnThis MatrixBusters Pay-It-Forward Method

William Stewart